Rolls-Royce Unveils The Cullinan SUV After Leak

Rolls-Royce officially unveiled the Cullinan SUV shortly after it was leaked. Here’s everything we know so far.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan has arrived, and it has a few more surprises than we expected.

Yesterday, we got what was reported to be leaked images of the Cullinan SUV, the first luxury sport utility vehicle ever produced from super-luxury brand Rolls-Royce. What we saw was kinda blurry and cut off, but seemed to be basically like a Phantom that had discovered the evil geniuses’ shrink ray and accidentally set it to “biggify” and then shot itself.

And indeed, the Cullinan is a big car. It’s 6,000 lbs of majestic British comfort rolling around in the dirt like it just found out being dirty was the hip and cool thing to do this year. Also, it could probably buy the dirt everyone is playing in.

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via Rolls-Royce

We’ll go inside out. The interior of the Cullinan is basically the same as the Phantom’s with a few subtle differences. First, and most obviously, is a lack of wood everywhere. As much as wood can add an element of class, it also adds an element of hypocrisy for a car that’s supposed to be playing in the woods, not carrying the woods around with it everywhere it goes. Rolls-Royce says there is wood in the dashboard, but it’s covered by fancy leather so you can’t quite tell from the pictures.

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