Ranking 30 Really Bad Cars That Americans Actually Bought

They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and these cars are proof. We all know that a car doesn’t have to be traditional by any means to be popular. From the vintage revival of the early 2000s to the boxy silhouettes of the latter part of that decade to the crossover revolution happening now, car design is always evolving.

Sometimes, there are cars that are just plain bad. They’re not mechanically bad per se, but in terms of design and function, they’re flops. You just have to wonder whoever thought to combine a convertible top with an SUV or a pickup truck or whose idea it was to offer such atrocious colors. These are cars that have far more than just simply “character.”

Some of these cars made this list because they weren’t very pretty, to begin with. Others made it because the style that made them cool has now turned them into reminders that perhaps our tastes weren’t ever really that great to start with. Either way, every car on this list has sold well over their years on the market. They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and these cars are proof.

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“Small” and “successful” could be two words used to describe this absolutely tiny car. Since its launch in July 2012, the Spark has been selling incredibly well. In fact, it sold at least 30,000 each year between 2013 and 2016, according to GM Authority.

But perhaps, what was one of its biggest selling points also became one of its biggest atrocities: those neon and strange colors. We’re talking about colors like Techno Pink Metallic (which is the color shown on the Spark above), Jalapeno metallic, and Grape Ice metallic, just to name a few.

So, not only are they awkward in size and shape but also in color. But it’s those very things that have made the spark do as well as it has, so I guess we’ll have to give credit where it’s due for this popular 4-seater.

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