Tesla May Have Teased A Model Y Crossover

Tesla may be having some issues with Model 3 production, but they may have just teased the Model Y.

Did Tesla just tease the Model Y in their latest promotional video?

Carmakers sometimes put out inspirational videos with their quarterly results. It’s nothing particularly special, just good marketing for their investors. Nothing gets someone convinced that they’re investing in a powerhouse of the industry than a good video that proves it.

So Tesla’s latest quarterly promo video is nothing noteworthy. That is until you wait about 15 seconds into the video. There, hidden beneath a tarp is what could be the fabled Tesla Model Y.

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From what we can see, the Model Y sits even lower than the Model X, which is already pretty low for an SUV. The crossover also seems sleeker but retains the bulging tires and back-end from its bigger brother.

Or, it might not be a Model Y at all, and may just be a Model 3 with some extra body work on it. Or it could be a testbed for the Tesla Pickup, although that’s slated to arrive even later than the Model Y.

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