The Most Dependable Cars People Keep for at Least 15 Years

Toyota Tacoma

Front three quarter view of 2012 generation Toyota Tacoma in blue

If you run an informal search of auto sites, you’re likely to find more Toyota Tacomas with 300,000 miles on them than any other car. Models produced in the early 2000s had a reputation for being bulletproof, and the heavy workload people put their trucks through explains why. However, we’re still surprised so many Tacoma owners (12.4%) who sold in 2017 had theirs over 15 years. No midsize pickup from Detroit even topped 5%.

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Toyota Sequoia

2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited

When iSeeCars ran the numbers to find the models that racked up at least 200,000 miles, Toyota Sequoia was No. 2 on the list. Unquestioned reliability got Sequoia owners there, and it’s the same reason so many kept the SUV over 15 years. A remarkable 12.8% of owners who sold in 2017 had already hit that mark. Toyota delivered for three straight generations with this model.

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