The Most Extreme Celebrity-Owned Vehicles

With exuberant sums of money and iced lattes in hand, they stroll through the lot, buying Lamborghini Aventadors and Bentley Continentals two at a time, before tossing in a couple custom built off-road trucks from SEMA as “impulse buys” while their secretaries hastily jot down delivery notes and write checks for huge sums of cash. While this sort of experience may sound far-fetched to most Americans, this is the kind of occurrence you grow accustomed to if being an A-list celebrity lands you in the driver’s seat.

Even though they may be trying to dodge the paparazzi, many big ticket celebrities still tend to favor cars that are just as eye-catching and unique as their personalities. While not all superstars are keen on opting for the extreme, plenty of them continue to favor things like European supercars with gold plated three-piece wheels, and color schemes so outrageous that even George Takei would say, “Oh myyy.”

Jay Z

But we’re sick of hearing about rappers in mildly-modified Maseratis, and billionaire bimbos in bright blue Bugattis. There are plenty of die hard auto enthusiasts out there who are rich and famous, and who prefer to go with something completely out of left field. These are the kinds of people who prefer to take their petrolhead interests to a whole new level, with many of them shelling out millions of dollars for a car that is so unorthodox that they may only drive it a couple times a year.

Since we were in search of all things extreme and obscure, we had to dig through a lot of celebrity profiles as turning up bizarre and badass celebrity cars proved to be a lot easier said than done. But our dedication eventually payed off, and we were able to come up with seven interesting automobiles that are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, regardless of who is piloting them.

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Naturally, we had to exclude people like Jay Leno from the list, as that would be four features within itself, which makes him too easy a target for a feature like this. So with Leno removed from the equation, here are a few interesting celebrity-owned automobiles that we think will raise an eyebrow or two, along with a little backstory behind the people who were willing to pay profane sums of money for them, as well as how these cars came into existence.

1. Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12 EC

Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12 EC

We’ll begin on a classy note, with a classy fellow, and one undeniably classy car. A few years back, the musician who brought us hits like “Layla” and “Cocaine” had an interesting automotive endeavor land in his lap: Eric Clapton reportedly dropped $5 million to have this SP12 EC made for him, which is a lot even by Ferrari standards. Taking classic Ferrari 512 BB influences, and blending them with 458 styling cues, this custom red rocket is one of many Italian sports cars owned by the iconic musician.

A report by Autoblog says that over the years Clapton has owned three 512 BB Ferraris, and was looking for something that would serve as an homage to the chassis, but with all the bells and whistles found in a modern model. By teaming up with famed Ferrari design specialists Pininfarina, as well as Ferrari’s own One-Off Program, Clapton was able to have a car built to his needs from the ground up, with no expense spared. Unfortunately, engineers were unable to fit a V12 in the back like Clapton had originally requested, which would have made the SP12 EC more outrageous.

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