Top 10 Most Infamous Or Not Popular Cars in history

The cars of mobsters, criminals, tyrants, movie stars, rock legends, royalty and world leaders. Present for the death of kings and used as wings of escape for the desperate and hunted. Harbingers of doom and disasters. Preludes to accidents, murders, scandals, deception and unthinkable tragedy — these are the Top 10 Most Infamous Cars in history.


Keith Richards Getaway Car

keith richards carKeith Richards’s S3 Bentley Continental Flying Spur, named “Blue Lena” after jazz singer Lena Horne, wasn’t only a status symbol of his early fame as a Rolling Stone, it was also the catalyst of a dangerous journey into the abyss that affected several lives. “It was a car meant to be driven fast at night,” says Keith in his book Life. “Blue Lena had carried us on many an acid-fueled journey.  It had a secret compartment in the chassis where the band stashed drugs.”

In 1967, Keith Richards was facing hard prison time for drug possession in England. While awaiting trial, he decided to go on holiday in Morocco with some friends including fellow Rolling Stone Brian Jones and Jones’s girlfriend, international supermodel and actress Anita Pallenberg. Keith had his Bentley shipped to Morocco so they could drive back to England on an extended road trip. However, the vacation took a turn for the worst almost immediately. While they traveled through North Africa, Keith discovered the awful secret that Brian had been savagely beating Anita. Brian complained of feeling ill during the journey and checked himself into a hospital in Toulouse. The small entourage left him behind. Feeling angry and dejected, Brian later rejoined the group in Marrakech. That night Brian hit Anita so hard that he broke his hand. After he had passed out in a drug-fueled rage, Keith and Anita took the Blue Lena and escaped in the dead of night. In Spain they consummated their new relationship in the backseat. The strange Moroccan odyssey finally ended when the Bentley pulled into Keith’s London home where the two would hide-out for weeks afterward. It was a small victory, but the beginning of a turbulent time in all their lives. Keith and Anita’s relationship grew and they eventually had 3 children together. However, their family was gradually torn apart by Keith and Anita’s 15-year battle with hard drug addiction. Brian Jones, the founding member of the Rolling Stones, was not so lucky. Enraged by Keith’s “betrayal” and facing prison time for drug charges, Brian’s life spun further into chaos and darkness. The next year Brian was fired from the band. And shortly afterward, the once brilliant musician was found dead in his own swimming pool — murdered by one of his groundskeepers.

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