6 Reasons That Coffee Grounds Are A Miracle For Your Garden

When I was young, I often saw my mum throwing out random brew leftovers in the pots and the garden. I always wondered why — it looked so awful! I asked her and she replied that it was for “nutrition purposes”. “Nutrition or no nutrition, I don’t like it” — I said to myself and forgot all about it.

Several years passed by and I moved away in my first flat. The need of making this place feel like a home arise. I got my first flower pots and my first gardening problems. The leaves of my hibiscus started to turn yellow and fall off for no obvious reason.

I, of course, asked my mum and I guess you can already imagine what she said to me. Yes, coffee grounds. I happen to have a huge coffee addiction so I have a never-ending supply of coffee grounds. But I still thought that coffee leftovers aren’t the prettiest thing. Later I found a solution which I’ll share with you.

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I did try coffee grounds as a fertilizer and they’ve done miracles! I still use them from time to time. I remember how hard and time-consuming it was for me to find a solution to my problem. I was thrilled with the results of using coffee grounds and researched some more about their abilities. I found various ways to use coffee waste not only in pots, but in regular gardening too.

Important facts about coffee grounds

  • they are slightly acidic which makes them a good match with most of the plants
  • they slowly release nitrogen into the soil as they degrade
  • a great source of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus
  • natural slug and snail prevention
  • worms are addicted to coffee… like me!
  • used coffee grounds and eggshells prevent blossom rot on tomatoes
  • cats will avoid coffee grounds from miles
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