14 Expert Pieces of Advice to Help You Find Your Perfect Perfume

The ability to choose a perfume that perfectly reflects your personality requires true skills. Unfortunately, before you find the perfume that suits you best, you’ll have to try dozens of other fragrances. Luckily there are some tips and tricks out there that can help minimize the searching process and help you find a perfume you’ll never get tired of wearing.

We compiled some quick instructions that will help you navigate your way around a perfume shop and finally find the scent you’ve been looking for. There is also a bonus at the end of the article that will reveal several secrets about applying perfume correctly to get that long-lasting effect.

How to get ready to choose a perfume

Though it might sound strange, you should get yourself ready at home before going to a perfume shop. The searching process will go a lot smoother if you already know about the different types of aromas and which ones you prefer. Are you more privy to citrus, fruit or musk? Consider the following before stepping into a perfume shop:

  • Discard all prejudices and throw out all images implemented by advertising from your head. Remember that first of all, you are choosing a fragrance, not a beautiful package or bottle. The aroma you love may be hiding in the simplest bottle in the store.
  • Visit a perfume shop alone. It will help you to not be in a hurry and allow you to choose a perfume that will meet your personal preferences.
  • You shouldn’t choose a perfume in a hurry or after a long working day. Remember to visit the shop when you’re in a good and positive mood.
  • If you have tried 3-4 fragrances and none of them suit you, it’s better to stop the search and continue it the next day. Since your nose has already grown tired, it won’t be able to assess every aroma composition fully.
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