14 Expert Pieces of Advice to Help You Find Your Perfect Perfume

How to correctly smell fragrances in a perfume shop

  • If you want to try an unfamiliar fragrance, apply it to a paper blotter first. There is no point in inhaling the smell from the lid or spraying it in the air trying to understand its aroma.
  • Did you like the perfume? Perfect! Now you need to apply it to your wrist and wait for a while. The aroma composition will open up gradually. It takes more time for it to open up on cold skin and less time on hot skin.
  • Why the wrist? The pulse on a person’s wrist helps a fragrance to unfold better. Moreover, it’s quite a long distance from your nose and will prevent the aroma composition from getting compromised. Hence, you’ll understand it better.
  • By the way, coffee beans that are located in every corner of each perfume shop won’t help you fight the tiredness from smelling. It will be more effective to drink cold water or breathe in fresh air.
  • After having worn the selected fragrance, you can finally make a choice. The one that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or dizzy suits you best. Of course, you should like the smell too.
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