30 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

Unless you’re irrationally inquisitive, there’s a number of features on things that you use every day that you probably never even noticed. However, these things aren’t always just for show and have an intended purpose. Here are 16 things you didn’t know the use for.

1. Lots of little things in life actually have some pretty useful tricks behind them that can significantly help us live much easier lives. For instance, anyone who regularly boils up a pot of pasta will be familiar with a spaghetti spoon. Spaghetti spoons are distinguishable by their forked edge and a hole in the ladle-like area of the utensil. One might imagine that this hole’s main purpose is to strain the water when ladling out pasta, but there’s more to it than that. cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff to make

The hole actually fits the size of exactly one serving of spaghetti so that when you’re making your meal you can accurately measure it. Those who can really go to town on a bowl of pasta might not be satisfied by the spoon’s suggested serving portion. However, at least once you start counting how many servings you’re making, it can be a useful tool to make sure you aren’t making too much or too little.


2. The extra piece of fabric that comes along with your clothes isn’t actually to use as a patch. This is what most people might think and then throw away. it’s actually there to use as a tester in the laundry machine to see how the fabric reacts to different detergents or bleaches.cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff to make


3. Ever wonder what that little hole at the bottom of padlocks beside the key part are there for? Turns out, this tiny hole is there to help oil the lock if it becomes rusty. It also works as a drain to drain out any liquids that may go into the lock.cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff to make


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