Place 3 Lemons on your nightstand every night. It may change your life for the better

Make a Lemon Spray with Your Atomizer

Mix lemon juice with atomizer spray water can be used for sprinkling all around your home. This eliminates negative energy and induces positive vibrations into your home. Alternately you can boil lemon rind and allow the vapor to infiltrate the atmosphere of your home.  cool stuff to buy cool stuff for guys cool stuff for facts

Lemon Spray

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Lemon juice to improve your love life and relationships

If you are desirous of a love relationship, then place three lemons on your nightstand. Place them in a glass bowl or vase and then keep them on your bedside table.

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If you can get hold of small lemons then you can wear this as a talisman by threading it with a piece of colored thread. Although it would seem odd wearing a lemon, but read on to see how similar effects can be achieved with lemons.

Lemons on the table

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