15 DIY Beginner Quilting Projects

Quilting has gotten a bad rap. What is traditionally thought of as a hobby for bored moms and residents of retirement homes can be as cool and fresh as all the whippersnappers. The ever-broadening range of styles and modern designs give plenty of reason to dip your toes in the patchwork pool. If you want to start but don’t know how, there are plenty of online classes that can show you the way and cover any possible topic you can think of. Quilting ain’t just for blankets anymore. Want to make a quilted bag or even a jacket? Check. If you’re just starting out or want to try your hand at some new techniques, Craftsy has got you covered with a plethora of projects to choose from.

Make the Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt

Click here to take the online class: The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt

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Don’t let treasured T-shirts collect dust in a drawer. Show them off in a quilt you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Showcase special memories in a personalized quilt! Award-winning quilter Winnie Fleming gets you started, sharing stabilizing, sizing and cutting tips to help you turn a stack of T-shirts into fabric that’s ready to be stitched. Next, explore fun layouts, from units of different sizes to eye-catching staggered blocks. Add color, texture and cohesion to your design with plain, pieced and slat filler strips. Whether you prefer playful or sophisticated style, fillers are an easy way to achieve the look you want! Then, construct your quilt using Winnie’s secret technique for creating crisp points and perfectly symmetrical rows. Finally, add sweet finishing touches with a range of border and backing options, and get inspired by a variety of quilting ideas.

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