25 Hopelessly Adorable DIY Sock Toys (Quick and Easy Projects)

You remember those old fashioned sock puppets from when you were a kid, right? I’ve collected 25 of the most adorable and easy to make puppet animals that you can create for your own kids or grandkids.

These are all really cute, and there’s a plethora of animals from bunnies and monkeys to bears and snowmen. Actually, there’s an Olaf the snowman from every little girl’s favorite movie. Some of them need to be sewn and some require just a few steps, so whatever you’re looking to make, I’ve got something in here that’s perfect for your next project. You could even use some of them to decorate your Christmas wreath.

These are great for those cold snowy days when you just don’t want to get the kids out of the house. Let them help. They’ll have a blast. Also, these are perfect for homemade Christmas gifts, so if you’re looking for something creative and cute to give a special child for the holidays, this collection has you covered. I’ve got a great collection of DIY gift tags that will top of your perfect gift.

Grab those old socks and let’s get started making the most adorable sock animals you’ve ever seen. You can make an entire zoo that will give your child fun play days for years to come!

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Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkeys
Sock monkeys are the original sock toy, and for good reason. These adorable little monkeys are not only cute, they’re really easy to make. They do require sewing, but not much, and you can create an entire little forest of monkeys in no time. Striped socks look so adorable on these, and it only takes an hour or so for each one. Fill with poly to whatever firmness you want.

Project Instructions: Craftpassion

Olaf Sock Snowman

Olaf Sock Snowman
Ever little girl, and a lot of little boys, love Disney’s Frozen. This Olaf the snowman sock animal is the perfect homemade Christmas gift for those little Frozen lovers. The best part is that there’s no sewing involved. You use hair ties and hot glue to put him together. Have fun with this one – your kids will love it, and you could do a few of these for decorations, too. Imagine having little Olaf’s on your Christmas tree!

Project Instructions: onecreativemommy

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