30 Easy DIY Vases To Show Off Your Summer Flowers

Do you grow flowers in the spring and summer that you just love displaying indoors? If so, have you thought about the perfect vase for displaying those flowers? How about giving your homegrown flowers as a gift and putting them in a lovely DIY vase? I have a great list of 30 easy to make DIY vases that will let you really show off those spring and summer flowers! All of these are simple to make, take very few supplies and can be done in just an hour or less.

If you love growing your own flowers, you just have to check these out. When you bring in those prized flowers that you have nurtured yourself and grown into beautiful blooms, you really need a special vase to show them off. From modern to rustic, there are vases in here to fit every décor. And they all make the most wonderful gifts – once you fill them with your own flowers, of course.

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I really love working in my flower gardens throughout spring and summer and I love showing off the fruits of my labor even more. If you grow your own flowers, these DIY vases are a must. You can even pair them up with some homemade candles and votives to really show them off or to give an exceptional gift to someone special for their birthday, graduation or just any occasion.

1. DIY Geometric Vases

DIY Geometric Vases
If you like a more modern theme to your home décor, these DIY geometric vases are a great choice. They are so colorful and so very easy to make. You make these from inexpensive foam balls and test tubes, which hold your lovely spring or summer flowers. These are a great choice for Mother’s Day or birthday gifts and are perfect for every room in the house.

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