40 Wooden Ladder Repurposing Ideas That Add Farmhouse Charm To Your Home

3. Pottery Barn Inspired Bathroom Storage Shelf

Pottery Barn Inspired Bathroom Storage Shelf
I love everything about Pottery Barn – except for the price, that is. If you’re looking to add a great Pottery Barn look and feel to the bathroom, this ladder storage shelf is perfect. You can get basically the same thing at Pottery Barn, but it will cost you quite a bit. DIY it instead and give your bathroom this wonderful storage that has such a lovely farmhouse appeal.Source/Tutorial: charmbraceletdiva

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4. Gorgeous Rustic Birdhouse Stand

Gorgeous Rustic Birdhouse Stand
Turn that old wooden ladder into a display stand for your birdhouses. Not only will your birds thank you for their new little community, this is a beautiful way to dress up your yard. Just add your birdhouses to each step on the ladder and you’ll have your own little town of birds hanging out all summer long.Source/Tutorial: ebay

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