16 Creative DIY Wind Turbines You Can Save Your Electricity Bill

DIY projects are fun and a means to exercise your creativity. When dealing with electricity, it is imperative that you exercise caution.

Yes, electricity helps us to complete numerous tasks. But while it is of great help, it poses a great threat to those who take no care.

Most of the electricity many persons depend on comes from the kinetic energy created by water. But more and more people are diversifying their sources and using wind and sunlight for electricity.

It is easy to build DIY wind turbines for your home to generate a fair amount of electricity. The physics behind these the working of wind turbines is simple.

The below ideas will guide you to build one that suits your needs.

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DIY Tesla Turbine

DIY Tesla Turbine

This is by far one of the greenest wind turbines you can make. I love that it features plexiglass. It is a beautiful addition to the wind turbine. All materials used in this project are easily available.

Coming up with the PDF tutorial listed on Instructable was not an easy task. A good job was overall. The turbine built can rotate to speeds of between 15,000-20,000 rpm. Its top rpm can be between 30,000-35,000 rpm.

The turbine can run at 40 PSI but you can also run at 100 PSI. But be advised it will start to scream.

Build this wind turbine

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