19 DIY Kitchen Island Plans With Stylish Designs

The kitchen island is always the focal point of most kitchens, and so it is one of those things that you must have.

Not only does the kitchen island look good in the kitchen but it also adds some extra counter space and storage.

While you can hire someone to build a permanent kitchen island for your home, the best idea is always to make a DIY kitchen island.

You will also not need to invest a lot of cash to build a kitchen island, and in most cases, it only costs a fraction of what you would pay a contractor to make one.

We have gathered the free kitchen island plans below to give you some ideas on how to make one for your home. All you need to do is to pick one that you like most and start building it.

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1. Under $250 DIY Kitchen Island with Seating

Under $250 DIY Kitchen Island with Seating

Build Basic provides this tutorial to help you build a fantastic kitchen island that would cost thousands of dollars to buy for just under $250.

The DIY kitchen island plan builds around two stock cabinets, and it should take about 2 days to make and few extra hours for painting and finishing it.

You will only need beginner woodworking tools like a drill, and circular saw and the tutorial lists them all plus the materials which include 2×4 boards.

The Build Basic article also provides some step by step instructions for making the cuts an assembling the boards.

If you are still not sure how to build a kitchen island with seating you can also buy the more comprehensive plans for the DIY kitchen island for a few dollars.
Build this DIY kitchen island

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