20 Creative DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Plans

Ever eaten a wood-fired pizza? Well, you’ll agree with me that it is a real treat.

But have you ever imagined preparing it at home instead of queuing up at a local pizza joint? Building a DIY wood-fired pizza oven is not as complicated as it sounds.

With some basic construction skills and materials, you could have your own homemade pizza oven in no time. Below are wood-fired pizza oven plans to give you a head start.


2. Raised Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Raised Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Simon Brookes, an expert in building and baking, is the person behind this project. He wanted to build a pizza oven that uses free, locally available materials.

Simon builds this oven in just 1 week. Well, you can even build it over a summer weekend in case the weather is fine.

Materials needed here are 30 bricks, 20 blocks, rubble/big stones, sand, clay, and assorted glass bottles. This is a solo project. As I had mentioned earlier, Simon doesn’t incur any costs building this oven.

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The oven sits on a raised platform of bricks so you don’t have to bend. Apart from cooking pizza, this oven gives residual heat. This can be used for cake, pastry, pork, and other slow-cooking foods.

Simon advises that you mix the sand and clay in batches for better results. He gives notes on how to use the oven, and how to care and protect it.

Build this DIY oven

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