21 Simple DIY Shadow Box Plans You Can Make by Yourself

A shadow box is simply a display case designed to stand by itself, or hang on a wall. It may be open or have a glass at its front. Its use is to show off pretty or sentimental items.

Some individuals use them to display awards and some to pay tribute to friends and family. They come in a variety of designs, color, and shapes and are available in retail for a hefty price.

However, be it as it may, most people, you included prefer to have custom designed shadow boxes. There is just something to a DIY shadow box that makes it fulfilling.

Speaking of which, DIY shadow box projects are simple and best of all, creative. I have taken the liberty of preparing a bunch of shadow box tutorials you can choose from. you can choose whichever DIY project you prefer.

2. Rustic Graphic Shadow Box 

Rustic Graphic Shadow Box

The Build Basic tutorial presents a frame that is easy to make and that features a beautiful rustic graphic as its wallpaper. This complements its overall look.

I love this shadow box for the mere fact that the frame is put together using pocket holes and screws. The finishing is flawless and makes for the perfect housing for any sentimental collectible.

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To replicate this unit, you need several boards, a graphic paper of your choice and a jigsaw to complete the elegant and fine look.

This is completely a beginner project and can be done in less than 30 minutes. It will cost you about $8.

Build this DIY shadow box

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