4 Genius DIY Hacks That Will Solve The Worst Carpet Problems

A carpet can make or break a room. We remember installation day of our carpet years ago and not wanting to even walk on it, for fear of damaging its plush state. But, life moved on, and so did the condition of our carpet. That’s why we were thrilled to find this genius video about carpet hacks by YouTube user Pennygem. These tips will help you restore the look and feel of the carpet you once loved. What do you have to lose?

Problem: Carpet Dents

Moving furniture around can really change the look of a room. However, the carpet dents from heavy couches, tables, and chairs distract from the beauty of the room. Make those dents disappear with ice cubes! As the ice melts and dries, the indented carpet will lift back to its original state.

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Problem: Stubborn Stains

Unfortunately, you can’t throw a large rug or carpet into the washing machine, and professional carpet cleaners are expensive! But, did you know that shaving cream can easily remove most carpet stains? This one is a lifesaver for families with young children.

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