5 Simple Ways to Make the Best DIY Plant Stand

Create an affordable plant stand that is simple to make and will update your home in less than a weekend.
Beautiful and lush, houseplants can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary in no time. Take advantage of a watering calendar to keep your plants healthy, and maximize their style via plant stands.

These inexpensive but pretty DIY plant stands are low-cost, easy to make, and will help turn your indoor garden into a stylish show of green elegance. Here are five ways to build a plant stand without breaking the bank.
Here 5 Simple Ways to Make the Best DIY Plant Stand You Can Try:

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1. DIY Hanging Plant Stand

This hanging wood plant stand from Brepurposed is perfectly Pinterest-worthy. The wood slice is rustic yet chic and a great way to display those beautiful succulents that have gone unnoticed in your home. All you need to make this dreamy plant display a reality is four items. Round up a wood sllice, some suede strips, a plant bracket, and a drill, and you will be done with this DIY in no time! Get the full tutorial from Brepurposed.

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