70$ for a simple stove? That’s outrageous! Well, here is a simple stove design made from only a single can. This stove is ultra-light, has a 0% failure rate in normal to extreme conditions, is dirt cheap, and runs on readily available fuel. Don’t empty your wallet for something worse than what you can make at home! Without further ado, here is your stove.

Step 1: 1. Materials

Picture of 1. Materials

To make the stove, you will need a few things.

-Soda can (Doesn’t matter what brand, as long as it’s aluminum.)
-Optional: Aluminum tape (Not pictured)
-Dremel OR X-acto (or similar)
-Dremel cutting wheel attachment
-Needle nose pliers

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Step 2: 2. Cut the Top Half

Picture of 2. Cut the Top Half

Picture of 2. Cut the Top Half

Picture of 2. Cut the Top Half

To begin, You must start with the top half.
Choose a measurement to be used throughout your build. We used 3.5 cm. Draw a line around your can. This is the cut line. Cut along this line as neatly as possible using your Dremel or knife. Using a knife (a Dremel would be hard to use here), cut out the top of the can around the inside. End result of entire step 2

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