Sleep in Absolute Luxury with these 23 Gorgeous DIY Bed Canopy Projects

There’s something so luxurious, romantic and regal, even, about a canopy draping elegantly above your bed. Apart from framing your bed and making it appear larger than it is, it gives you that cozy, comfy little corner where you can nestle in and hide away in sweet slumber. Beautiful DIY Bed Canopy Projects

Unfortunately, most of us can’t dish out the cash when it comes to massive four-poster beds, but there are actually a number of ways to make your very own bed canopy, and since you’re doing it yourself, you get to customize and alter so that it’s unique to you. You can even use a simple canopy design to outline and draw more attention to your beautiful headboard. Gorgeous DIY Bed Canopy Projects

So go ahead and indulge! Here Are 23 Gorgeous DIY Bed Canopy Projects:

DIY PVC Pipe Curtains

PVC Pipe Curtains

I love the soft and calming look of these bed curtains, and the fact that the rails are made of PVC piping is just genius. If you want to get really technical, I guess this isn’t exactly a canopy since there isn’t any cloth hanging over the bed, but we don’t have to be that pedantic. You can also paint the pipes to match your roof if you prefer them to blend in. Surprisingly, this isn’t the craziest thing that someone’s done with PVC piping.

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DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TakeItFromMe

DIY Draped Canopy

Draped Canopy

This canopy is just so romantic, don’t you think? It’s a very simplistic look, but the draping gives it a nice dramatic flair. This project is best achieved with a lightweight fabric since you don’t want the dowels to have to bear too much weight.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LifeAnnStyle

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