Sleep in Absolute Luxury with these 23 Gorgeous DIY Bed Canopy Projects

DIY Decorative Tapestry

Decorative Tapestry

This is one of the easiest ways to bring in some more color or a pattern to a room; all you need is the fabric, nails and a hammer. Most people expect a canopy to be neutral, but this example shows just how fun it can be to break away from the norm.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Mr.Kate

DIY Hoop Canopy

Hoop Canopy

If you want a simple canopy with minimal fuss, then the hoop version is your safest bet – it’s so easy! You can use an embroidery ring or even a hula hoop if you want it a bit larger. I love the mix of materials in the second image, and even the string of wooden beads – it just goes to show how much you can do with something so simple!

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DIY Instructions and Project Credit – SpindlesDesigns and TheGoods

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