Essential Supplies: Top 3 Tools for Milling Wood Explained

Milling wood flat and square is the most important step to doing good work, even though it may not be as exciting as making dovetail joints or making butterfly inlays. Without properly milling wood, you can’t hope to have the well-fitting joinery and smooth surfaces that fine woodworkingdemands.

In this post I’ll discuss the three main tools for milling wood: the jointer, planer and table saw — and a jack plane as a bonus.

A milled piece of wood

Milling wood is the process of making a piece of lumber flat and square so it can then be made into furniture. The faces should be flat and smooth and all corners should be 90 degrees. In a typical board, there are six faces to be milled, with each one perpendicular to its adjacent faces and parallel to its opposite face. Let’s keep score as we go through the steps!

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Score: zero faces complete out of six.

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