20 Easy To Make DIY Slipcovers That Add New Style To Old Furniture

I have recently begun to think that maybe it’s time to redo my living room furniture. Buying new furniture is out of the question. I mean, have you priced furniture lately? It’s outrageously expensive and I really don’t want to spend that much redoing it. My furniture is a bit outdated but it’s still in really good shape. So what did I do? I started looking for DIY slipcovers that I can make to simply give it a new look without actually replacing it. I was so pleased to find 20 easy to make slipcovers that I can have finished in a weekend!

Whether you want a new couch and chair or you want to redo your bedroom – that’s right, there is a slipcover for your headboard! – you’re going to find that these slipcovers are easy to do and will instantly transform your home. If you want to redecorate but you’re on a budget, these are perfect. You can give that old couch and chair a great new look and spend only a small fraction of what it would cost to replace them. Plus, these DIY slipcovers are much cheaper than the ones that you can buy in stores and they’re just as easy to put on your furniture.

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If you’re ready, we’ll take a look at some wonderfully easy slipcovers that you can make to cover that old furniture. There is even a great ruffled couch cover that would be perfect for your rustic farmhouse look.

1. Easy DIY Recliner Slipcover

Easy DIY Recliner Slipcover
Recliners can be the most difficult pieces of furniture to cover but this DIY slipcover makes it pretty easy. This may take a bit longer, to get all of the recliner parts properly covered, but the hemp sheet cover is really gorgeous and has a great rustic quality to it. You’ll need a couple of sheets for each recliner, depending on the size and a few hours to work this out. You can also do this with regular upholstery fabric and when you’re finished, it will look like you bought a new chair.Tutorial/Source: sheholdsdearly

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