25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and Accessories For an Adorable Fairy Garden

I just love fairy gardens and recently I’ve gotten really interested in making my own fairy furniture. This made me wonder about just how much of my furniture and accessories I can actually DIY, which leads to this collection. I’ve found a wonderful list of 25 really cheap and easy DIY fairy furniture and accessory ideas that you can begin making now and fill your fairy garden by tomorrow. All of these are pretty easy to make and they are so adorable! Your fairies – and your children – are going to love these tiny little fairy accessories.

My children have always been fascinated with fairies. Now remember, fairies live in nature so you want your fairy garden to be made out of natural materials. You can use things like sticks and twigs and other materials or you can make your accessories out of anything you want and just paint them to look natural, which is the case with some of these projects.

There’s a great acorn birdhouse as well as many other DIY fairy furnishings like beds, tables, chairs and so much more. You can really make your fairy garden elegant and give all of those little fairies all the furniture and accessories that they’ll ever need. There’s even a great little coffee cup that’s filled with coffee! And like I said, most of these are made with upcycled materials or things that you can find in your yard.

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So I hope that you’re ready to provide a wonderful haven for your fairies. I’ve got a nice collection of ways that you can build everything fairies will ever need and these will all give your yard such a nice magical touch.

1. DIY Acorn Birdhouse

DIY Acorn Birdhouse
These little acorn birdhouses are adorable and so easy to make. If you’re like me, you have loads of acorns in the yard and you can make as many of these as you want for decorating your little fairy garden. Just paint them – if you want – and then drill a hole for the tiny little birds to enter. Glue them to a dowel rod or a twig from the yard and then “plant” them in your fairy garden.Tutorial/Source: empressofdirt

2. Acorn Top Bird Nest

Acorn Top Bird Nest
You can also use the tops of acorns to create these perfect little tiny bird nests. You don’t even have to do anything except remove the top from the acorn, turn it upside down and then add your nesting materials and maybe a few tiny eggs. Small beans painted blue make the perfect tiny little eggs and you can use peat moss or something similar for the nesting materials. Glue your bird’s nest to a tiny tree or hang it with string.Tutorial/Source: twigandtoadstool

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