25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and Accessories For an Adorable Fairy Garden

3. DIY Fairy Bed

DIY Fairy Bed
This Victorian bed is beautiful and while it’s meant for a dollhouse, you can totally recreate the concept to add a little bed to your fairy garden. This would be perfect for a Sleeping Beauty or Rip Van Winkle themed fairy garden. The bed is made from store bought materials but you could just as easily use twigs for the legs. Then add your filigree jewelry for the headboard and maybe cover it in vines or peat moss for that natural look.Tutorial/Source: emilymorganti

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4. DIY Wooden Fairy Stairs

DIY Wooden Fairy Stairs
If you’re building a tall fairy garden structure, your fairies are going to need stairs, right? You can build a beautiful and natural looking staircase from birch wood rounds. Actually, you could use any type of wood you like. I think the birch wood has a lovely color. To make these, simply cut out several rounds from your chosen wood and then glue them together so that they create a staircase.Tutorial/Source: bystephanielynn

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