25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and Accessories For an Adorable Fairy Garden

5. DIY Bottle Cap Stools

DIY Bottle Cap Stools
Give your little fairies an adorable place to sit with these little stools that are made from bottle caps and twigs. This is a great way to upcycle bottle caps! These are so easy to make and they’re free since you’ll already have the bottle caps and you can find twigs in the yard. Just cut the twigs to make legs- make sure that they’re relatively even so your stools will stay upright – and then use hot glue to attach the bottle cap seats.Tutorial/Source: ourbeautifullymessyhouse

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6. Upcycled Pencil Eraser Fairy Buckets

Upcycled Pencil Eraser Fairy Buckets
Once the kids have used up their erasers, you can use the metal casing to create these adorable little fairy buckets. Just punch tiny holes in the sides – you can do this with a small nail – and attach a thin wire for the handles. Your fairies will find it much easier to carry their water and other supplies when they have these handy buckets!Tutorial/Source: pequeneces-maragverdugo

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