5 Ways Retirement Planning Helps You Retire Well

One of our longest-tenured advisors came to me to discuss the number of people who come in for their first appointments who are already working with another advisory firm.

We encourage these (fact finding) appointments because, when it comes to your money, your retirement and your future, you should get multiple opinions so that you have as much information as possible.

Really, there is no downside.

But what’s most concerning about so many of these first-time appointments is that, despite their having paid for the services of an “advisor”, sometimes for several years, many of these folks have neveronce received an ounce of retirement planning advice or guidance, in return.

This can leave you woefully unprepared for retirement, no matter how well your investments have done.

All too often, people pay someone who calls themselves a financial planner, a retirement planner, or an advisor (often paying more hidden fees and commissions than they realize), and the entirety of what they are getting in return is merely commission-based (and commission-motivated) investment advice.

Simply, they are being sold investments and nothing else.

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There are several reasons this should be a giant red flag.

My belief is, that if I wrote about this topic every week, it still might not be often enough. That’s why we take every opportunity possible to explain what makes a good advisor, and how to find one who will add value to your life.

All of these materials are available to you 24/7, for free, on our website.

What is retirement planning, and how does it benefit you?

Besides savvy investment management advice, here are 5 reasons why pre-retirees and retirees should work with an advisor who does comprehensive retirement planning:

1) We work with you to set attainable goals

We want you to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of accomplishing. From determining how much you need to save, to understanding your true net worth, to savvy, state-of-the-art investment management and portfolio construction that helps your savings principal last, we help you set, and achieve, attainable goals that can improve your life, not only today, but for many years to come.

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