5 Ways Retirement Planning Helps You Retire Well

2) Appraise your insurance needs

While licensed to, we don’t sell life insurance. That means, when we advise you to go out and shop for insurance, it’s because we believe it will protect you, and not because it will in any way benefit us.

Conversely, many pre-retirees and retirees no longer need life insurance. Are you over-insured and wasting money? Are you at risk of losing everything in a lawsuit? We’ll let you know.

3) Appraise your true financial health

What are your debts, taxes, savings, and income in relation to what you want to achieve in retirement? How long is left on your mortgage? Sometimes, a person with $1 million and no debt is in a better position to reach their financial goals than a person with $3 million, a large mortgage, debt, and a more expensive lifestyle.

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We work with you to figure out what you have, what you will have, when you can retire, and how long your assets should last once you stop working.

4) Work closely with you as your life changes

Sometimes, you can afford that new house and keep all of your retirement accounts and investments intact. Other times, it’s simply a matter of moving assets or taking different distribution amounts to make it happen. Sometimes, however, it may be a bad time to upgrade your home.

It’s always your choice, but how do you really know what you can afford without the benefit of an unbiased opinion?

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