7 Crowdfunding Tips Proven To Raise Funding

This post on crowdfunding success tips answers the following questions for people or businesses thinking about using crowdfunding to raise funding:

“What are the common elements behind wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns?”

“Which platform is the best fit for my business or project?”

“What should I offer funders or investors?”

I cover these questions and more in the following 7 critical crowdfunding success tips below.

If you’d prefer video-based crowdfunding tips on equity crowdfunding, see this recent interview between Kay Koplovitz the Founder of USA Network and Springboard Enterprises, and myself.

Crowdfunding Tip 1: Pick Your Platform

As you’re getting started with your fundraising and crowdfunding goals, the first place to start is to pick the platform you’ll raise funding on.

Quick tips…

First, decide if you’re doing a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign, or equity crowdfunding (where people become actual shareholders in your company).

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