Top 10 Surprising Ways Save on Retirement Health Care Costs

#3: Check out non-insurance options

Medicare does not cover most vision and dental services. You may be able to save on those services with a discount plan. Non-insurance discount plans are typically offered by banks, unions, non-profit organizations, or even directly by a discount company. In exchange for a set monthly fee, you receive discounts ranging from 20% to 60% on many of the services not covered by Medicare.

Be sure to do your research on any discount plan before signing up. While there are many legitimate discount plans,  others take people’s money and offer very little in return. Look out for programs that promise “up to” a certain percentage off. Often, they promise “up to” 70% off, but in reality, the average discount is much lower.

Also, be sure to call your regular doctors and providers to find out if they participate in the discount plan. Some dishonest plan promoters promise a long list of providers when few local doctors actually participate.

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#4: Cut your Rx costs

Even with supplemental coverage, prescription copays can add up. To save money, discuss your concerns with your doctor. Ask if they will prescribe a less expensive alternative or a generic.

Whatever your doctor prescribes, shop around to fill your prescription. Filling the same prescription at Costco versus CVS could save a lot. Ordering a 90-day supply online may save you even more.

#5: Go to a local dental school

Dentistry schools offer high-quality care for a fraction of what you would pay a traditional dentist’s office. All work is performed by students under the supervision of an instructor, and their tools and equipment are very current.

Keep in mind that their services may take more time, and there could be a waiting list to get in. However, for routine and non-emergency dental work, choosing a local dental school could save a significant amount on out-of-pocket dental care. Visit the American Student Dental Association to find a clinic in your area.

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