Your 8% Retirement ‘Survival Plan’ For This Toppy Market

This levitating stock market is terrible news for anyone who wants to actually retire. That’s because it’s keeping S&P 500 dividend yields in the dumpster, at a hair under 1.9% now.

But there’s a better way—an 8% retirement-survival strategy, to be specific—that’ll earn you $40,000 annually on a $500,000 portfolio. With capital gains upside, to boot.

You read that right.

Most “first-level” investors have no clue the investments I’m going to tell you about even exist. That’s why most folks pile into blue chips, wrongly thinking they’re the ones at fault for not having saved the massive nest egg they need to get a livable income stream.

And when I say massive, I’m not kidding.

At 1.9%, you’d need more than two million dollars just to bring in $40,000 in dividend payouts—the bare minimum many folks would need to retire. And retiring on dividends alone is something you need to aim for if you want to safeguard your golden years from market meltdowns.


Your Retirement Rescue Plan

This is where that strategy I just mentioned comes in.

It may surprise you to hear that there are plenty of safe investments out there that will hand us an 8% yield—enough to get us our $40,000 in income on just a $500,000 nest egg.

The trick is to go beyond the S&P 500 and dip into quieter corners of the market—places where the big institutional players don’t bother looking, but are still plenty liquid for you and me.

That’s exactly what my “8% No-Withdrawal” portfolio does. And today we’re going to zero in on one of the three asset classes that make it up: closed-end funds—including one CEF that’s a smart buy now.

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