25 Tips for a More Successful and Fun World Language Classroom

1. Set up consistent learning structures and processes. @alenord said, “I think in order to have successful language class, your systems have to be in place. Makes more room for TL use.” Systems like grading, transitions, daily warm-ups and even how to get a bathroom pass go a long way to making the class run smoothly. @tiesamgraf said, “Students like to know what to expect and how things run to be successful.”

2. Get to know your students from Day 1. @dwphotoski said, “Tip: get to know your students from day 1 and let them be the focus of every class.” Not only does getting to know your students personally help you to know how to teach them better, it helps them to know that you care about them individually. That makes for a more positive classroom culture, fewer discipline problems and a more differentiated learning environment. @ProfeCochran said, “The individual should be the focus and the drive of the lessons for lessons to be effective.”


3. Teach them how to learn language. As @alenord said, “It’s important to teach students HOW to learn language. Not like any other class they have! We have to teach them how to attend to language they see or hear. Hard, but important!” This means teaching students the valuable lessons of listening, observing and focusing in a world where their focus is often split between multiple channels of media.

4. Overplan. @SenoraDiamond55 said, “Always over plan! Nothing wrong with having lots of options! @MmeCarbonneau agreed, saying, “Be prepared for anything! Plans will never go as anticipated!”

5. Have a growth mindset. Having a “growth mindset” is about showing students what they are capable of and celebrating successes with them. @alenord said, “Lots of praise and positive feedback! Also, growth mindset. Don’t just tell them how well they did, always give a new goal to meet.” @SrtaJohnsonEBHS said, “My big tip: Have students show you what they CAN do in the language, not what they can’t.”

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