6+ Tips for a successful language exchange

The best to learn a language is by speaking it.

Language exchange is the meeting of two people who are learning each other’s language and have agreed to practise it together. It is about finding someone who speaks the language you are learning and who is learning the language that you speak.

Language exchanges not only help you break the barrier of speaking but make you more confident with the language. And what’s better than practising with someone who is a native speaker?

Why should you participate in language exchange?

Language exchange can be motivating, informative and fun. Here are some of the reasons why you should participate in language exchange:

  1. It is fun and pleasant. Language exchange provides you with an opportunity to get pronunciation correct, learn colloquial expressions which you wouldn’t learn in the classroom, and it doesn’t involve textbooks. In its essence, it is putting to practice the theory you have learnt.
  2. The biggest advantage is that it is absolutely free. Well, you might have to pay for the coffee and the croissants at the cafe you’ll be meeting, but there is no fee that you need to pay.
  3. Language exchange meetings are fast and effective. You practise listening and speaking simultaneously. Also, if you wish to practise writing and reading, then your partner and you can decide to write emails to each other between meetings.
  4. You meet amazing people and make new friends. You can learn about different cultures of the world and teach your language partners about yours.
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