How to Design and Build Smooth Curves in Wood Furniture

You have to draw a curve before you can build it in wood. Including fascinating curves in furniture designs is fun, and when done well adds memorable distinction to your work.

If you’ve been shying away from including curved features in your woodwork, give it a try, even if, like me, you “can’t draw.”

Drawing curves


Too many woodworkers shy away from incorporating curves in their work. True, when compared to a rectilinear piece, one featuring curves takes more time to build and involves techniques that may be unfamiliar. Similarly, some woodworkers reluctantly confine their designs to dependable, readily definable straight lines because they think they can’t draw.

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The process does indeed start with drawing but fortunately there are straightforward techniques and tools that help a lot. Despite having no particular drawing talent, curves are virtually always key elements in my work.

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