How to Set Up a Successful Language-Learning Schedule (Even if You’re a Screw Up Like Me)

They set out to do goal achieving activities every day, and they follow through on them without fail.

Day after day, they show up to get one day closer to whatever their end goal is.

They get things done….and they’re going places, while screw ups like you and me (yeah, I’m talking to you ;-)) can’t get adelante.

Don’t those people make you sick?

They used to make my stomach feel like a bag of bricks, and me like a total screw up.

Not anymore.

I stick to my schedule now. Even though it’s a very flexible one.

To actually execute on what you set out to do, you need Willpower

Research now suggest willpower is like a muscle.

And just like a muscle, the more you use it on a given day, the more tired it gets. Willpower is a depletable resource. And making decisions is what fatigues the willpower muscle.

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If you’re convincing yourself to try and learn 10 new words today, you set yourself up to make a decision: will you do it, or not? Same goes for what language course to buy or whether to wash the dishes today or tomorrow.

Every decision you make drains your willpower a little more, until later on the day, you are left with a low supply of willpower.

When this happens, you’re much more likely to make decisions that are easiest for you to make — I.e.: you take the easy way out.

  • Learning 10 new words? Much easier to keep watching my favorite TV series.
  • A new language course? I’d rather wait and think about it a little more before I buy.
  • The dishes? Lol. See you tomorrow.

Not gonna work, right?

What does work, though, is making these decisions beforehand.

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