The Seven Secrets to Successful Language Learning, #1 – Spend the Time

The first secret to successful language learning is spend the time.

When I study a language, I spend at least an hour a day trying to learn that language and I know that it’s going to take me months and months of continuous studying to learn the language. But when I say study, I don’t mean sit in a classroom, I don’t mean answer questions or drills, review grammar rules or review lists of words, what I mean is spend time with the language.

Be with the language, so listen to the language, read things that are written in the language or listen to songs that are sung in the language, watch movies if you can.

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If you have friends who speak the language, spend time with them, even if most of the time you’re just listening because you don’t speak well enough to really say very much,

Spend time with the language, that is the first secret and I say at least an hour a day.

It’s not difficult to do because nowadays we have these very convenient little listening devices, like an iPod or an mp3 player which can carry vast libraries of interesting content that you can easily download from the internet or from wherever you want to find them. This is very different from many years ago.

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