Top 10 Celebrities Who Commissioned One-Off Supercars

Ah, to be a celebrity. Fame and fortune, babes as far as the eye can see, rockin’ penthouse suites, and (perhaps most importantly) awesome cars. Today, in honor of letting a brother dream, we count down 10 one-off supercars that were commissioned by celebrities. From a horribly garish custom DeLorean to an unbelievably sexy Ferrari GG50 we touch em’ all.

10 Celebrities Who Commissioned One-Off Supercars

10. West Coast Customs Delorean

Celebrity Owner:

Love it or hate it (we kind of hate it)’s custom DeLorean is a true original. Completed in 2011, the Black Eyed Peas front man reportedly paid West Coast Customs $700,000 for the special build. Okay..whatever.

9. Cadzilla

Celebrity Owner: Billy Gibbons

The Cadzilla may not be a bona fide supercar but we just don’t care. This thing is too damn sexy for us not to include in this list. Created by late hot rod designer extraordinaire, Boyd Coddington, the Cadzilla is one of the most coveted one-off custom cars of all time. Want it? You’ll have to wait until ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbons kicks the bucket.

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8. 1934 Lincoln Model 40 Special Speedster

Celebrity Owner: Edsel Ford (deceased)

Edsel Ford’s personal (and very one-off) speedster was an absolute show-stopper back in its day. Designed by Ford’s chief designer E.T. Gregorie, the model 40 was inspired by fighter jets and took over a year to complete. We only wish we could get some seat time in this sexy beast.

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