Top 10 Celebrities Who Commissioned One-Off Supercars

7. Ferrari FX

Celebrity Owner: Sultan of Brunei

This one-off Ferrari began life as a 512M but was quickly transformed into a nearly unrecognizable version of its former self by the car-crazy Sultan of Brunei. It may not be beautiful but it’s still kind of awesome.

6. Hennessy Venom GT Spyder

Celebrity Owner: Steven Tyler

Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler knows how to rock – and spend some serious scrilla. He recently purchased the first (and perhaps only) Hennessy Venom GT Spyder for a jaw-dropping, heart attack inducing $1.1M. We’ve got a bad case of automotive envy.

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5. Moal Roadster

Celebrity Owner: Tim Allen

Legendary coach-builder Steve Moal crafted this custom rod for funnyman Tim Allen in the late 90s. Everything – and we mean everything – was handcrafted in Moal’s state-of-the-art California workshop. We are in love.

4. The Searcher One

Celebrity Owner: Wilt Chamberlain (deceased)

Wilt designed this Le Mans style racer in 1996 for a reported cost of $750,000. While we commend him for his gusto, he really should have enlisted the help of a trained automotive designer. This thing is hideous.

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